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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Preach The Good News - May 7, 2015


This morning I was thinking about a Bible Verse that says that we make mistakes because we do not know the scriptures and the power of God, Matthew 22:29.  It came to my mind a conversation I had with somebody about 3 years ago when that person answered me “I didn’t know the Bible says that”.

The Holy Spirit brought to my mind that Jesus commands us to preach the gospel to every creature.  Mark 16:15. Not everybody it’s a Preacher or a Pastor, or missionary, or evangelist, etc, but all of us can preach in different ways.  For example we can preach through books, through songs, through writing quotes, through teaching and many other ways.

I purpose in my heart that I will continue to do that as long as I live.  Not my words but only the Word of God.  I will repeat what the Bible says.  I pray that I and other people will receive The Word of God and I pray God brings revelation to me and to the people that reads or hear what I write in power points, in devotionals, in songs etc.

When I write something I am not writing for a specific person at all and I hope that I don’t offend anybody.  I write it because The Bible is my guide and I am going to repeat what the Bible says.  Jesus is the center of my life and whatever I write, sing, or do including my hobbies, my websites, my blog, my devotionals and everything I do has to reflect Jesus.  One time I did tried to divide my spiritual life from whatever else I do and that is impossible because it is not me anymore.  It is God in me; He lives in me, I live for Him, which that is what I want.  We cannot put our spiritual life in one place, my job in other, my hobbies in other, no, that is a big mistake.  Everything we do has to reflect Him.

The Holy Spirit brought a story to my mind and the story goes like this.  Enid if you are going to sit on a chair and that chair is broken and nobody tells you anything you will sit down on it and you will fall.  But if somebody tells you that chair is broken you won’t sit on that chair because you know that you will fall, some people will think twice before they sit on that chair.  The same story applies to what The Bible says.  There are some people like I wrote on the beginning that doesn’t know what the Bible says and they make mistakes because they don’t know better.  There are other people that even if they read the Bible they cannot change because they have strongholds, those strongholds need to be broken and there are those that read the Bible and really don’t care what it says or want to learn from The Word.

The only thing we can do as Christians is to PREACH THE GOSPEL and let God work on the live of people.  We cannot change anybody, only God can.  We are supposed to love God, love people and love ourselves.  We are suppose to see if there is sin in us and repent and showed others that there is a way for their sins to be forgiven.  We are not supposed to attack people because they sin, because we are not perfect either and we need forgiveness every day.  Yes, we are supposed to say the truth what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong but not attacking anybody specifically.  For example I can say that lying is wrong and the Bible says that liars wont inherit the kingdom of God but I don’t think I am suppose to say to a specific person you _________ are going to hell because you are a liar.  That is not loving a person and giving them the message of hope, like God commands us.  If is a person that you really know, you can talk with them in a loving way and show them the way to receive forgiveness. We have to follow Jesus example, He said that He came to this world not to condemned people.  His purpose was that people will be saved.

Love you all and I hope you don’t get offended with what I wrote and I am with going to write.  I do not write anything for a specific person.  I want people to know what the Bible says, the good (the things that God approve), and the bad (the things God doesn't approve). I will repeat what The Word of God says.

Rosa Enid Velazquez
Daily Devotional
May 7, 2015

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